A response to “Rape Culture in Veganism”

In response to:┬áKD Angle-Traegner’s piece entitled ‘Rape Culture in Veganism’. As a young woman in a frightfully patriarchal world, I have thankfully never been sexually abused, or made subject of a sexual predator’s attack. Recently it has been disclosed that Harvey Weinstein has been inviting young and vulnerable actresses back to his hotel room, onContinue reading “A response to “Rape Culture in Veganism””

Why Feminism is NOT called “Equalism”

“Why isn’t Feminism just called equalityism if it’s for equal rights?” This is a question that gets brought up an awful lot in conversation and discussion with friends and family when talking about the validity of Feminism in the 21st Century. I never had an answer for this question, and used to always agree andContinue reading “Why Feminism is NOT called “Equalism””

Why I decided to give up chocolate after visiting Cadbury’s world.

  As we sat in the darkened room of the Cadbury World tour, the chattering turned to hushing around us as the film before us began to play. We had come to Cadbury’s world on the back of the fact Matt had never been before, and after remembering all the free chocolate and liquid fudgeContinue reading “Why I decided to give up chocolate after visiting Cadbury’s world.”