Mentor Me: Novelist Josephine

This week’s Mentor on Monday is novelist Josephine Greenland. A self-starter, she’s done it all: Poetry, short stories and novels. Her publisher Unbound helps her nature focused, mysterious and often slightly fantastical visions come to life. A “writer in exile” from homeland Sweden, Josephine shares her tips and lessons learned from the writing world. 1.Continue reading “Mentor Me: Novelist Josephine”

I wore all my clothes to the airport and here’s what happened…

Not heat exhaustion. But very nearly.   When RyanAir ask you to pay £20 for hand luggage, what do you do? Not pay it. For those who don’t know, RyanAir now expect you to pay to bring bags over a certain size onto the plane. Now the world is getting smaller and more people areContinue reading “I wore all my clothes to the airport and here’s what happened…”

Put your hands up if you’ve never had an orgasm.

Ok, so this blog is mainly gonna be for girls, cause I don’t actually have any life experience when it comes to having a male orgasm. However if any males who have happened to peruse this site for their own amusement want to stay and read with an open mind, they may find that some of the direction and pointers I give might actually help them; and if not them then it may help them properly service the girls they go to bed with, or to the bathroom sink with.