7 Story Elements in 7 Minutes: Le Mans 66 (Or Ford v Ferrari)

Each week I post a breakdown of a new movie in 7 minutes. Either you’re a screenwriter or you’re just interested in how movies work! The movie I saw this week was Le Mans 66 (Or Ford v Ferrari, depending where you are in the world). A bit of a slow start and some scenesContinue reading “7 Story Elements in 7 Minutes: Le Mans 66 (Or Ford v Ferrari)”

Mentor Me: Novelist Josephine

This week’s Mentor on Monday is novelist Josephine Greenland. A self-starter, she’s done it all: Poetry, short stories and novels. Her publisher Unbound helps her nature focused, mysterious and often slightly fantastical visions come to life. A “writer in exile” from homeland Sweden, Josephine shares her tips and lessons learned from the writing world. 1.Continue reading “Mentor Me: Novelist Josephine”