Interview with…

On my site I like to write down and share the conversations I have on a daily basis with people that matter. The world’s full of people who think their voice should be the only one in the room. On ‘Too Busy Write’ there is a category dedicated to celebrating wisdom and life experiences.

Many of the snippets that are included are from taxi drivers- a whole day in a car? You practically don’t have to say anything to learn a little nugget.

Whether its the old woman standing outside the stage door with you when no one else has bothered, or the South African taxi driver who just has so much to get off his chest…’Interview with’ is a candid telling of these fleeting but golden moments.

If YOU have any conversations with those who would otherwise just pass you by then send them over. We pay $10 for every interesting recollection that you send that we decide to publish on the site. Fully typed up of course.

If you haven’t heard back in a couple of months then try again! In the meantime, keep talking!