English Tutoring 1-on-1

Learning the Global Language



Starting Strong…Single English Lessons

If your goal is to be able to chat confidently and fluently in English, this class is for you! We will have a free trial class to create a personalised and bespoke lesson plan for you!


English Extraordinaire…English Lesson Bundle x 5

So you want to learn English...for real. You're ready to commit. Buy a bundle of 5 lessons at a discount.


Drinking Tea with the Queen…Lesson Bundle x10

Get one lesson free! If you have a long term goal in mind, this is the best option.


Going Native… English Lesson Bundle x 20

Oh hello, are you English? I couldn't tell with that amazing accent. Book a bundle of 20 to maximise results and save even bigger. Get three lessons free when you go the extra mile!


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