Mentor Me: Jennifer the Production Assistant

This week’s mentor, Jennifer Njoku, is working as a production assistant at Warner Brothers. Her stories and tips are revealing and genuinely helpful for those of you who haven’t even got your foot in the door yet. Whether you want to be a production assistant or not, Jennifer shares some brilliant insights into why youContinue reading “Mentor Me: Jennifer the Production Assistant”

Uber’s are worse than black cabs

Bold statement. Definitely. Black cabs are avoided in the street as the plague was avoided, I assume, by the villagers of rural, NHS-less England. In fact, I would say I avoid black cabs to the point that I even forget they are cabs. They’re just menacing presences that prowl the streets for drunk suckers. HoweverContinue reading “Uber’s are worse than black cabs”

Seeing without eyes

Have you ever been lucky enough to see without eyes? I was introduced to the phenomena at Sensibility Festival, a festival which explores new ways to develop accessible and multi sensory arts practise. It requires an open mind and an active engagement of the other senses. What I found maddening is that we can allContinue reading “Seeing without eyes”

Yoghurt instead of Death

We’ve forgotten what’s important, as we follow blogs from people who tell us what they had for breakfast (sorry to the person who knows I follow them and recently blogged about yoghurt for brekkie). It’s just not the stuff of dreams, or existential thinking. What makes us human is our sometimes annoying, but very humanContinue reading “Yoghurt instead of Death”

Why we should all be too busy to write.

I love this photo. Of the two lovers, sat together in blissful harmony, not giving a toss about the photographer. They don’t smile sweetly, pretending to miss the people back at home that they’re writing the card to; rather,they stick it in their faces quite brashly and triumphantly, that they’re much ‘too busy to write.’ She’s probably just bought that fabulous hat somewhere down the promenade, and he’s probably wondering how quickly he can get it off.