A nostalgic look at childhood camping

Camping has always and will always be my fuck you to the business ran shit storm that is the world. Universities have become just another cash cow for Deans, and people are talking about running the NHS like a business. You can’t run a national healthcare system like a business- it ISN’T a business. InContinue reading “A nostalgic look at childhood camping”

I wore all my clothes to the airport and here’s what happened…

Not heat exhaustion. But very nearly.   When RyanAir ask you to pay £20 for hand luggage, what do you do? Not pay it. For those who don’t know, RyanAir now expect you to pay to bring bags over a certain size onto the plane. Now the world is getting smaller and more people areContinue reading “I wore all my clothes to the airport and here’s what happened…”

A Poem: When The Horses Come

When the horses come, white and brave i’ll stay here watching you, Unless they sweep me up on their journey home, Mountains passing, Sea’s crashing Horses amassing- hundred and thousands of tight, sinewing muscles under black fur pumping and a couple of whites. Away, away hurtling down a spiky dune path, where the green sticksContinue reading “A Poem: When The Horses Come”

Should I Visit…. Boulders Beach, South Africa?

Boulders Beach, the home of the African penguins. Just outside of Cape Town, nestled on the coast is a penguin colony. They dip in and out of the sandy rocks that look like they have been dropped by a landscape designer. A sea of black and white burbles and chirrup- they honk angrily at eachContinue reading “Should I Visit…. Boulders Beach, South Africa?”

6 Tips for Making Friends whilst you’re Living Abroad

I’ve lived abroad twice this year- hectic. Cape Town for three months from January until April, and now Dubai for a month. Sorry skin, hello tan. Part of moving abroad is the inevitability that you won’t know anyone there. Exciting or scary? Or both? The thrill of meeting new people and forming new connections isContinue reading “6 Tips for Making Friends whilst you’re Living Abroad”

Should I go… to Sofitel Spa, Dubai?

Sofitel spa was the opening gift from my friend when I arrived in Dubai. When I arrived I wasn’t fully sold on the city’s glamour. I refused to be suckered in by the clean cream blocks of stone that furnished nearly every road, or the palm trees that swayed, some with their leaves still boundContinue reading “Should I go… to Sofitel Spa, Dubai?”

Authentically South African

I’m sat in a small, green painted restaurant that sits just opposite Table Mountain. The mountain slopes up towards the yellowing, pinky sky, and I’m thanking the owner in my head, who’s winding a handle on a long stick connected to the outside roof, to pull up the canopy umbrella back so that we canContinue reading “Authentically South African”