Seeing without eyes

Have you ever been lucky enough to see without eyes? I was introduced to the phenomena at Sensibility Festival, a festival which explores new ways to develop accessible and multi sensory arts practise. It requires an open mind and an active engagement of the other senses. What I found maddening is that we can allContinue reading “Seeing without eyes”

What’s wrong with waitressing?

Have you always wanted to know what it’s like to be a waitress? Maybe. If you’re curious. You may see us as sub humans or in fact, super humans. The truth is (staggeringly): We are humans, bringing you plates of cooked food, hoping you will enjoy your experience enough to tip us. But I madeContinue reading “What’s wrong with waitressing?”

The Women Who Kill Lions

I watched “The Women Who Kill Lions” on Netflix for inspiration for a new play. As a vegetarian it surprised me that I wasn’t horrified at what these women did. Instead it made me think deeply about how we size up our lives in relation to other’s; how each of us define ourselves in theContinue reading “The Women Who Kill Lions”

A response to “Rape Culture in Veganism”

In response to: KD Angle-Traegner’s piece entitled ‘Rape Culture in Veganism’. As a young woman in a frightfully patriarchal world, I have thankfully never been sexually abused, or made subject of a sexual predator’s attack. Recently it has been disclosed that Harvey Weinstein has been inviting young and vulnerable actresses back to his hotel room, onContinue reading “A response to “Rape Culture in Veganism””

Angus, thongs and the Perfect Patriarchy

Q: What does Sex and the City, Angus Thongs and Bridget Jones all have in common? A:  These popular texts normalise post-feminist gender anxieties so as to re-regulate young women by means of the language of personal choice.  Let me translate that. (This is not a joke to tell at a dinner party either.) IContinue reading “Angus, thongs and the Perfect Patriarchy”

Why Feminism is NOT called “Equalism”

“Why isn’t Feminism just called equalityism if it’s for equal rights?” This is a question that gets brought up an awful lot in conversation and discussion with friends and family when talking about the validity of Feminism in the 21st Century. I never had an answer for this question, and used to always agree andContinue reading “Why Feminism is NOT called “Equalism””

Common decency has been lost to those that rally against ‘PC’

Nowadays, people are getting more and more het up about political correctness, and how it’s stifling our right to offend in public. I think this is just another symptom of an overly individualistic and entitled society of people, not just of my generation but of all. There has never been a time when we wereContinue reading “Common decency has been lost to those that rally against ‘PC’”