7 Story elements in 7 minutes: JoJo Rabbit

What a movie. WHAT a movie. Go and see this masterpiece. It builds up a little boys vision of the glorious hitler youth and documents it’s breakdown. Instead of portraying Hitler as bad from the get go- the film starts with a likeable Hitler. He’s funny. Yes, obviously we all hate the real Hitler, butContinue reading “7 Story elements in 7 minutes: JoJo Rabbit”

Should I go… to Sofitel Spa, Dubai?

Sofitel spa was the opening gift from my friend when I arrived in Dubai. When I arrived I wasn’t fully sold on the city’s glamour. I refused to be suckered in by the clean cream blocks of stone that furnished nearly every road, or the palm trees that swayed, some with their leaves still boundContinue reading “Should I go… to Sofitel Spa, Dubai?”

Bourne’s Swan Lake

The elegance of his production was found mostly in the transformation of his cast. After the show I waited outside the stage door and met all the young men who played the swans, and found trouble recognising them without their black face paint. Though they all had shaved heads. Each of them donned an UrbanContinue reading “Bourne’s Swan Lake”