A Poem: When The Horses Come

When the horses come, white and brave i’ll stay here watching you, Unless they sweep me up on their journey home, Mountains passing, Sea’s crashing Horses amassing- hundred and thousands of tight, sinewing muscles under black fur pumping and a couple of whites. Away, away hurtling down a spiky dune path, where the green sticksContinue reading “A Poem: When The Horses Come”

Should I Visit…. Boulders Beach, South Africa?

Boulders Beach, the home of the African penguins. Just outside of Cape Town, nestled on the coast is a penguin colony. They dip in and out of the sandy rocks that look like they have been dropped by a landscape designer. A sea of black and white burbles and chirrup- they honk angrily at eachContinue reading “Should I Visit…. Boulders Beach, South Africa?”

A response to “Rape Culture in Veganism”

In response to: KD Angle-Traegner’s piece entitled ‘Rape Culture in Veganism’. As a young woman in a frightfully patriarchal world, I have thankfully never been sexually abused, or made subject of a sexual predator’s attack. Recently it has been disclosed that Harvey Weinstein has been inviting young and vulnerable actresses back to his hotel room, onContinue reading “A response to “Rape Culture in Veganism””

Prince Phillip and MC Grindah: A story

Born and bred at the Pets at Home shop in the far away land of Selly Oak, located in the small retail park known as Battery retail Park, there was heard a distinct rustling beneath the cotton and odour control bedding; two baby rats, who would come to be known affectionately as MC Grindah andContinue reading “Prince Phillip and MC Grindah: A story”