6 Tips for Making Friends whilst you’re Living Abroad

I’ve lived abroad twice this year- hectic. Cape Town for three months from January until April, and now Dubai for a month. Sorry skin, hello tan. Part of moving abroad is the inevitability that you won’t know anyone there. Exciting or scary? Or both? The thrill of meeting new people and forming new connections is…

Put your hands up if you’ve never had an orgasm.

Ok, so this blog is mainly gonna be for girls, cause I don’t actually have any life experience when it comes to having a male orgasm. However if any males who have happened to peruse this site for their own amusement want to stay and read with an open mind, they may find that some of the direction and pointers I give might actually help them; and if not them then it may help them properly service the girls they go to bed with, or to the bathroom sink with.