A nostalgic look at childhood camping

Camping has always and will always be my fuck you to the business ran shit storm that is the world. Universities have become just another cash cow for Deans, and people are talking about running the NHS like a business. You can’t run a national healthcare system like a business- it ISN’T a business. InContinue reading “A nostalgic look at childhood camping”

What’s wrong with waitressing?

Have you always wanted to know what it’s like to be a waitress? Maybe. If you’re curious. You may see us as sub humans or in fact, super humans. The truth is (staggeringly): We are humans, bringing you plates of cooked food, hoping you will enjoy your experience enough to tip us. But I madeContinue reading “What’s wrong with waitressing?”

DJing as a right-handed person.

Now before you drop the mic in disbelief and contempt towards any person that could ask such a ridiculous question, I beg that you consider the world that we live in. It is not so uncommon that people like to pigeon hole activities and jobs; as well as instruments and sports. We still live inContinue reading “DJing as a right-handed person.”

Participation Medals- Do we need them?

So with a lot of heat, tears and discussion, I just debated on the phone the importance/need for Participation medals for our kids. (Not my Kids, obvz) I was very tired, and got very emotional so that tears sprung thus. However, even though it’s not exactly a personal issue for me; I never suffered fromContinue reading “Participation Medals- Do we need them?”

Prince Phillip and MC Grindah: A story

Born and bred at the Pets at Home shop in the far away land of Selly Oak, located in the small retail park known as Battery retail Park, there was heard a distinct rustling beneath the cotton and odour control bedding; two baby rats, who would come to be known affectionately as MC Grindah andContinue reading “Prince Phillip and MC Grindah: A story”