Life pulls you down different routes, and hands you situations that will startle you. You will learn, and adapt, and that will lead to discussions and debates which days before you would not have even considered. How wonderful is that?

This blog is a charter of all that, and I welcome any comments and contributions! We are all learning our own lessons, and we all walk a unique way. Why not share them with each other, and expand our outlook with the help of others?

No topic is too trivial, or too obscure and hopefully you will see that reflected in my mix of blog topics! From orgasming, deleting social media and the advantages of hunting (I am a vegan), to exposing Cadbury’s world and debating the role of belief, I am fascinated by the world as a whole.

Please comment your own ideas, and help us all grow as a global community, and at the same time as individuals!

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